Alpinebits interface implementation (Guest Request)

Data exchange in the tourism sector based on OTA standards

Interpromotion has completed the server-side development to support the Alpinebits (GuestRequest v2015-07)

What is AlpineBits?

AlpineBits is the definition of an open standard (Creative Commons, CC BY-ND 3.0) for implementing an interface for transferring touristic data, hotel prices, guest requests or bookings. AlpineBits is a recommendation on how to implement the OTA-Standard including additional definitions, such as authentication and a transport protocol. At this by respecting the demands of the alpine tourism, particularly those in South Tyrol. AlpineBits is a project of the “AlpineBits Alliance”.

Which advantages does AlpineBits have?

A uniform and open interface standard frees the way for cooperations among all involved companies on a technical level. The advantages of AlpineBits compatible systems affect hoteliers and vacationists directly:

  • Hoteliers will gain saving of time continuing to operate on different platforms while hotel data, prices and availabilities can be maintained on the preferred backend. Data will be distributed automatically to the various portals and systems.
  • Vacationists obtain always the latest and uniform prices and offers on different platforms, which can be booked directly. Hence they save time on the enquiry.